"...it’s easy to understand why teachers feel devalued, under appreciated, and disliked. But school employees have to remember that the public is still with them."


Steven Cook, The Detroit News

Vocational burnout among teachers is a significant factor inhibiting the quality of education available in Detroit. High attrition and turn-over rates make it impossible for our schools to build momentum and progress to the levels that we are capable of. Our kids deserve a world-class education by healthy, vibrant, creative teachers that are around for the long term and that's why we've created Educator Allies. EA exists to decrease teacher burnout by rallying public support to care for the well-being of our educators. Empowering teachers to care for their students by caring for themselves is a simple way Detroiters can contribute to the future of our schools and city. 


Currently, our efforts are focused on connecting community-minded groups with a school to renovate their teacher’s lounge into a warm, inspiring space that communicates value and appreciation to the staff who use it. 

If your group or your school is interested in learning more, please contact us! 

Vibrant educators. Vibrant schools. 
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